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About Us

Our Statement of Philosophy

Kathleen Johnson Consulting, is a for-profit management-consulting firm dedicated to the principles of fair business practices. Within the bounds of the business community, we strive to respect the sanctity of individuals, the management profession, and business ethics.

On a daily basis, KJA seeks and respects the opinions and concerns of individuals whether they are our own employees, employees of our client, or other professionals with whom, and for whom, we work. We do not discriminate based on gender, ethnic background, religious preference, handicap, or sexual orientation.

Keeping abreast of current and burgeoning trends in management and implementing those we believe will be most beneficial to our clients is vital to our business practice. KJA does not participate in experiments or tests designed to study management and its impact on business and employees; rather, all of the management skills and practices we employ are designed to benefit our client, their business, and their employees.

Finally, we hold nothing more sacred in our daily operations than business ethics. We respect the rights of our competitors and the competitors of our clients. We will never perform an act, operation, or task that compromises this belief or gives us an unfair advantage. Furthermore, we will report any conduct we witness, or come in contact with, that violates the laws and fair business practices of any state where we do business.