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Client Testimonials

"You were the students' absolute favorite guest educator by far. They learned soooo much from you. When we did faculty practice interviewing, we asked them to describe how they would get a patient to accept treatment. Many used "active decay, active disease" when describing to the faculty.
The salary question was also helpful to practice so they don't get lowballed as a new grad without asking for an evaluation within a certain amount of time."
Thanks so much for your pertinent information.
Stormy - Adjunct Professor of Dental Hygiene
West Coast University Orange County Campus

"Kathleen Johnson has been a tremendous help in the success of my office.  She has individually tailored a program to help raise the goals and profitability of my practice.  She has helped me transition from having an HMO and PPO’s to a fee-for-service practice that accepts insurance but not accept the reduced fee of the HMO and PPO’s.  Kathleen helped us achieve this with an organized plan that kept our bottom line increasing.  I highly recommend Kathleen Johnson."
Les Latner, DDS, MAGD
Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for your excellent presentation at our AIDA meeting! Everyone found your presentation and information to be very interesting and useful. I have forwarded your contact information to other members, who were unable to attend, and who have expressed an interest in your services. Also, our treasurer, Paula Elmi, should be sending you a very small token of appreciation for your willingness to speak to our organization and for all of the time and thought that you put into it."
Thank you!
-Stephen N. Ferraro, D.D.S.
President, AIDA

" Hi Kathleen,
You deserve the best testimonial! I am not a very good writer so please edit this as you see fit. All we do know is that you are the best!! Hope you are doing great! We cannot say enough terrific things about Kathleen Johnson! Hands down we recommend her to help in any dental office. Kathleen is the most genuine consultant who puts your money where her mouth is. She took the success of our practice personally. What consultant does that? A consultant who truly cares and does the best job for you, that's who. Through Kathleens's hands-on guidance, our office identified areas of concern, implemented changes and turned our struggling office into a successful practice. We had previous "contractual" management consultants who did not even compare to the professionalism and services of Kathleen. She is like family to us she has made such an impact in our dental office!"
-Randal Leoni, DMD and Rachel Leoni OR
Dr. and Mrs. Randal Leoni

"Kathleen Johnson has been a tremendous help in the success of my office. She has individually tailored a program to help raise the goals and profitability of my practice. She has helped me transition from having an HMO and PPOs to a fee-for-service practice that accepts insurance, but does not accept the reduced fee of the HMO and PPOs. Kathleen helped us achieve this with an organized plan that kept our bottom line increasing. I highly recommend Kathleen Johnson."
-Les Latner, DDS, MAGD

"Kathleen Johnson understands what makes dentists successful. She has superior communication skills that get results with staff and doctors in a very positive way. I was going through an office transition and Kathleen proved invaluable in assisting me to make it a success. Kathleen is a delight to work with and would positively benefit any practice."
-Jeff Robertson, DDS

"Move over E-Harmony. Make room for D-Harmony. That's right. Kathleen Johnson redefines match-making for dentists. Last year, Kathleen and I worked together looking at all types of dental practices to purchase. None really excited me and Kathleen knew it. She encouraged me to keep looking for that practice that would make the hairs on the back of my neck stand. She wasn't about making a quick sale but rather putting the right dentist in the right practice. She succeeded and I am grateful for her genuinity and competency. Thank you, Kathleen. Let Kathleen Johnson match you with your dream practice."
- Dr. Eric S. Johnson, San Clemente, CA

"I am writing to share the successes that Citracado has seen this year. I know we still have room for growth, but most areas are succeeding well beyond expectations and the staff is enjoying the bonus program that you set up for us. Most notably, hygiene is averaging over 100% of production goals and the schedule is consistently 93% full. I thought you would want to know that the help you gave us is really holding up over time, and I am especially grateful that you stuck with us during some rocky months. Thank you!"
-Julie Kangas, DDS

"Kathleen Johnson has been a guiding light in helping me with the purchase of my practice, and with providing me with the tools and knowledge to make my practice successful--from the first month! It was through Kathleen that I was able to implement many different systems that made the day-to-day operations of my practice smooth, efficient, and first-class. Without Kathleen, I definitely would not have been able to take my practice to a successful place in such a short period of time. I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone thinking about buying a practice or jumpstarting an existing practice. I feel that without hiring an expert dental consultant like Kathleen to help guide your practice, you aren't maximizing the true potential of your practice."
-Brian Haig, DDS

"The Napa Dental Experience was terrific, once again! Lory and Diann outdo themselves every year. Kathleen is a wonderful consultant, something I never thought I'd put together in one sentence: wonderful and consultant! LOL She knows her stuff and is a very practical dental consultant with a ton of insurance coding information that I will take back to my one insurance based office. I can't wait to get her book on insurance codes."
-Renee Turner, RDH

"spending some time with her in sunny LA when I presented for their chapter of the AACD a few months back. Kathleen gets it. She sees the bigger picture. She sees peoples (employees) strength and works to heighten them to their best. She sees employer’s weakness and them overcome them. Everyone in her offices LOVE her. I just do not how she can keep up with them all. She lives on her cell. She knows insurance/codes/payments/get the most out of them--like no one I have ever met. But the best part is how pro active she is about hygiene. Her clients know how to use us to our fullest potential and in return for our services; we are given the freedom, time, and respect to provide the quality of service that we want. In addition, be paid accordingly. This is one consultant everyone should have in their office to instill an assistant, implement a successful STM program and she teaches communication skills as well. BTW, Kathleen do you do seminars as well? I was hired to teach her and her clients and the AACD members but what really happened was I had the honor of being taught the many things I did not know by her. Kathleen taught me what I didn't know about consultants and we both laughed and cried with stories about what we did know. BTW, there is a difference---A big difference. She is one smart cookie. And she is right. She tells people like it is--her strength---without emotions----her insight and soul. Thanks for helping me along the way girl friend. Your words are still deep set in my heart. Thanks Kathleen!"
-Deborah Hartley, RDH