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When you choose a consultant, you want experience, skill, and perspective. You also want a relationship that is free of pressure, demonstrates mutual respect, and provides the skills and practices to benefit you, your business, and your team in a warm yet effective manner. Kathleen Johnson Consulting delivers this and more. We make it our priority to actively seek out the newest trends in management, thoroughly evaluating and implementing those we feel are beneficial to our clients and vital to best practices.

Our most popular services include:

Kathleen Johnson Consulting also offers:

Administrative Consulting

  • Clarify Insurance Codes and Billing Procedures
  • Establish Equitable Compensation
  • Schedule the "Ideal Day"
  • Systemize Hiring Procedures
  • Update Computer Skills and Systems
  • Update Financial Options

Marketing and Practice Building Consulting

  • Define Your Practice Image
  • Enhance Leadership Skills
  • Evolve into a Fee-for-Service Practice
  • Increase Revenues
  • Improve Patient Retention
  • Market Cosmetic Dentistry

Team Building Consulting

  • Create a Patient-Centered Practice
  • Define Job Descriptions
  • Enhance Team Communication
  • Improve Scheduling Techniques
  • Improve Telephone Communication
  • Improve Treatment Presentation
  • Reduce Stress