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Creating a Profitable Hygiene Department

Expectation. It's key in creating a profitable hygiene department. The very simple reality is that clearly communicated expectation and the duties associated with it produce results for you, your practice, and your patients. If you're hygiene department isn't generating revenue, it's time to reevaluate with a consultation from Kathleen Johnson Consulting.

Profitable Hygiene Departments are a Team Effort!
Often, there are disconnections between the doctor, the hygienist, the team, and even the patient. Your hygienist does more than clean teeth; they promote good oral health, develop solid relationships, and help create the value in dental treatment far beyond teeth cleaning. Without an understanding of and commitment to the same objectives, your hygiene department can't reach its full potential.

As a dental practice management consultant with 30 years of experience, Kathleen has an effective way of taking unsuccessful hygiene departments and turning them into viable profit centers. We will evaluate your practice, work with you to determine your goals, and then create a Management Consulting Program that addresses the challenges and opportunities unique to your practice.

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