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Kathleen Johnson

About Us  

Meet Kathleen Johnson

Academy of Dental Mgt. Consultants (ADMC) Founding Member: 1987

ADMC Participation: Membership at Large 00/02

Member: American Dental Hygiene Association since 2004

Ask the Consultant since 2003

Guest Lecturer: UCLA Dental School

West Coast University Hygiene School since 2011

President of Kathleen Johnson Consulting, a “hands on” in office dental management consulting firm dedicated to the principles of fair business practices, the management profession, and business ethics. Keeping abreast of current and burgeoning trends in dental insurance, management, and implementing those we believe will be most beneficial to our clients is vital to our business practice. Our goal is to create a patient centered practice, increase profitability, maximize software programs, training on how to go chartless and assist our clients in the role of CEO leadership.

Kathleen Johnson is a dental practice management and transition consultant with 40+ years in the dental field. Kathleen is known for her comprehensive on-site due diligence practice evaluations and chart review, and guiding the buyer.

Kathleen offers buyers transition consulting and coaching services, keys to a smooth transition with the team and patients. She has helped dentists confidently transition into retirement, assisting a new dentist with finding the “ideal practice,” or helping a dentist find new passion in her or his business, Kathleen provides the support and expertise dental professionals need to make it happen!

Areas of Expertise


Kathleen has been published in dental magazines including the CDA Journal, Trojan Today, Middle East Dental Journal, British Dental Journal, and a contributor to Demystifying Smiles, Penn Well Books.


Click here to download a version of Kathleen Johnson's Curriculum Vitae as an Adobe Acrobat file.